There’s No Place Like Home

I No Longer Have a HomeA few months ago I wrote a post titled "When you know you can't go home". Sitting here on a lumpy bed in a cheap hotel room, I read those words again tonight. I was hit with the hard reality that I no longer have a home. This may be … Continue reading There’s No Place Like Home

50 Things That Make Me Happy

There's this book that I've been mulling through for nearly a year now. The Right to Write by Julia Cameron. I pick it up every so often to read a chapter and complete its writing task. Last night I read about writing from joy as opposed to pain and was prompted to make a list … Continue reading 50 Things That Make Me Happy

Wordless Wednesday

Pre Christmas Birthdays

Although the festive music has been playing since the beginning of November, Christmas celebrations will officially be in full swing around here tomorrow. But first we have 3 big pre Christmas birthdays. Madelyn turning 6 on November 28th. I was on a plane all day, so her amazing older siblings made her day incredibly special, … Continue reading Pre Christmas Birthdays

For me that place is writing…

An excerpt from "The Right to Write" by Julia CameronFor the past year I have been going through these griefs. I've been "functioning" sorta. People think I've been ok-ish. But now it's time for me to find my place to grieve and muddle forward into some capacity of blissful authentic living. And for me that place is writing. … Continue reading For me that place is writing…