Back to School

We've made it through our first week back to school. It's been a busy few weeks between clothes shopping, school supply shopping and stocking up on groceries for lunches. Not to mention the many fashion shows that were had in the apartment entryway. By the time the first day came around everyone was excited. School … Continue reading Back to School

From one Single Dad to Another – You Got This!

Okay so I have almost 20 years of parenting under my belt. Well let me tell you that pretty much means shit! Oh I'm decent at making it look like I got this figured out and I have more or less successfully raised 2 pretty awesome kids who are now 18 and nearly 20 but … Continue reading From one Single Dad to Another – You Got This!

Bullying is No Laughing Matter

Beck snuggles up, rubs my face and sweetly whispers "you're gonna look as handsome as Jadie when you get a beard" ☺️ "but are you ready for them funky eyebrows?" Lol 😂 Kids say the darndest things. This fleeting moment with my child this morning has me thinking about bullying. Here's some brief thoughts I … Continue reading Bullying is No Laughing Matter

Book Review – “Kitty Kat Wants Stripes” by Elka Peterson

Last week I received a parcel in the mail. First of all, I LOVE receiving mail in my chosen name ☺️ I opened the package to find this beautifully wrapped gift. Hello Sunshine ☀️ 💛 Underneath the wrapping was an adorable, autographed hardcover copy of "Kitty Kat Wants Stripes" by Elka Peterson. "The story of … Continue reading Book Review – “Kitty Kat Wants Stripes” by Elka Peterson

Happy Birthday Mak

Even before you were born I knew you were always going to be a challenge. You were stubborn from the very beginning. Although you slept through the night from day one, you kept me on my toes every moment you were awake. Never content to stay in one place and always pushing to find your … Continue reading Happy Birthday Mak