Happy Birthday Bo!!

I don't even know where to begin with the baby of our bunch. I think I'll start by sharing how he wanted to spend his special day. A few weeks ago we began asking "hey Bowie, what do you want to do for your birthday?" And these were his responses... "Cuppy (his nickname for his … Continue reading Happy Birthday Bo!!

Happy Birthday Mak

Even before you were born I knew you were always going to be a challenge. You were stubborn from the very beginning. Although you slept through the night from day one, you kept me on my toes every moment you were awake. Never content to stay in one place and always pushing to find your … Continue reading Happy Birthday Mak

Love is my Anchor

There is so much pain, anger, jealousy, bitterness in our world. Some days my tender heart can't take it. I see myself curled in the fetal position in a lonely corner of my mind. Balled up there, aching, feeling all the hurt of those around me. People I know, but also multitudes I'll never meet. … Continue reading Love is my Anchor

Family Traditions – What they are and why I think they matter.

I grew up in a home without any family traditions. Oh we did the same thing at Christmas time every year, but does repeating something over and over again actually make it a family tradition? Every Christmas my parents, siblings and I went to our grandparent's house. There were traditions, but they belonged to my … Continue reading Family Traditions – What they are and why I think they matter.