Preparing Public School for Beckett

Sending my Nonbinary Kid to School So, we've moved to a small conservative town in Northern Alberta and I've decided that I am going to send my awkward, reserved, nonbinary kid to public school 😬 But here's the thing. This small town conservative school has already shown how amazing they are. Recently, I met with … Continue reading Preparing Public School for Beckett

An Update on Beckett

Who Is Beckett?Beckett is a nonbinary trans kid growing up in a binary world but within a gender nonconforming home. If you haven't yet read Beck's introduction, you can find it here! I haven't shared much about Beckett recently, I think it's time. Happy Birthday Beck! Last month Beck turned 5 and life is getting … Continue reading An Update on Beckett

Acceptance and Our LGBTQ Youth

I want to share this video because it gives me so many feels. I can relate to it on a personal level but also from the perspective of a parent. How would you react if your teen came out to you? There was a time when I was extremely religious and yet I still couldn't … Continue reading Acceptance and Our LGBTQ Youth

Response to Social Media Comment – “there is only two genders”

After publishing my Gender Update post I received a comment on my Instagram account stating "there is only two genders". My immediate response was anger and defensiveness. But then I realized this is a great opportunity for me to research how to provide an educated answer to this person's comment. So I went to YouTube … Continue reading Response to Social Media Comment – “there is only two genders”

Not Back to School

This week it's back to school time in our city. Madelyn & Beckett were registered to begin Grade 1 and Kindergarten. Although I had originally planned to homeschool them like I did the big kids, I was excited for them to venture out and give school a try. As the day drew closer I began … Continue reading Not Back to School