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We’ve hit 10,000 views!! As mentioned in the Podcasts or Videos post, we are going to start incorporating other media into the blog. The votes are in. The results were even across the board. Our followers want either videos or both videos and podcasts incorporated periodically throughout the blog. So the first video I will be posting will be answering some questions such as “What is Gender?”

Video Coming Soon

I am currently working on this video and will be posting it soon! In the meantime, I will give you some background on the topic I’ve chosen to begin with.

The following is a Ted Talk by Ashley Wylde. FYI I am a *huge* Ted Talk nerd. Also, Ashley is one of my favourite gender YouTubers. She has created this amazing project called The Gender Tag Project. Check out Ashley’s video to learn more about this project and why it’s so important.

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What Is Gender?

What is gender?

Ashley’s Ted Talk and her YouTube channel cover some great information regarding gender and what exactly it is. Through the Gender Tag Project, many people will have the opportunity to see that gender is not simply male or female. Gender is in fact a social construct rather than a word which means masculine or feminine.

Stay Tuned

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