We started off the week with K’s birthday!!

Happy Birthday K!

I finally returned the favour and put a ring on her finger. Now we’re matching ❤️

Holding hands


Next, we got Queen & King of hearts tattoos together!

Queen & King of hearts tattoos


I’m back in Alberta now while K is in Washington State. Wednesday’s are Hip Hop day for us! Madelyn is loving her new dance class 😊

Taking Madelyn to Hip HopTaking Madelyn to Hip Hop


Maddie, Beck and I got to enjoy a family fun night at our local library for the French immersion kids at our elementary school

Beck listening to a story during French family fun night

Please don’t ask what Beck was doing here because I have no clue 🙄😆


Bo and I went to story and song time at the library while Maddie & Beck were at school. Bo also learnt a new joke today 😂


We were back at the library. Have I mentioned how much we LOVE our library??! We enjoyed an afternoon of crafts, face painting & flamenco dancing 💃

Face painted kiddos

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