Beck snuggles up, rubs my face and sweetly whispers “you’re gonna look as handsome as Jadie when you get a beard” ☺️ “but are you ready for them funky eyebrows?” Lol πŸ˜‚

Kids say the darndest things.

This fleeting moment with my child this morning has me thinking about bullying. Here’s some brief thoughts I have about that.

1.) Children bully because they are bullied at home or witness bullying at home.

Parents check your behaviors. How do you speak to one another? Do you treat others with kindness and respect? Are you accepting of those who are different than you? Children are always watching and always listening.

2.) Children bully to feel powerful.

Children who are abused or neglected will bully to gain a sense of control in a world where they are made to feel powerless.

3.) Children bully because they lack empathy.

Some children simply lack empathy. They don’t see beyond themselves or the pain they may be causing others. But empathy can be taught & modeled. Empathy comes from an understanding and acceptance that everyone is unique and our differences should be celebrated rather than ostracized.

I really could go on and on about this subject, but that honestly wasn’t the intention of this post. I started off wanting to share a quick funny story about one of my kids which lead me down a rabbit trail pondering acceptance.

A moment of laughter quickly turned to introspection regarding bullying.

I personally believe that we all have the potential to bully. Yes, every single one of us. But more importantly, I believe that everyone has the ability to learn acceptance and understanding.

One of the main reasons I choose to blog and share openly on social media is to bring awareness to the LGBTQ community, especially the trans community. I’ve said it many times that I believe that education and awareness lead to love and acceptance. And in light of some of the more recent stories cycling through social media regarding bullying of LGTBQ youth, I’d say that some conversations around acceptance are imperative ASAP πŸ’›

Bullying is no laughing matter


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