Last week I received a parcel in the mail.


First of all, I LOVE receiving mail in my chosen name ☺️

I opened the package to find this beautifully wrapped gift.

Yellow gift wrap

Hello Sunshine ☀️ 💛

Underneath the wrapping was an adorable, autographed hardcover copy of “Kitty Kat Wants Stripes” by Elka Peterson.

Kitty Kat wants stripes

“The story of Kitty Kat encourages children to focus less on body image and more on their own special skills and strengths. Children need to know that they are worthy of love and respect, regardless of what they look like. This is the lesson that Kitty Kat learns in the end, she is beautiful just as she is.”

Kitty Kat Wants Stripes Book Review

Our house full of book obsessors were eager to check out this new story. As a family with a trans guy for a parent, as well as nonbinary and gender non conforming kids, we really appreciate books about self acceptance and self love based on who we are inside as opposed to how we appear on the outside.

Children reading a story

Are They Girls Or Boys?

We sat down to read our new book together & the first question which almost always comes out is

“Are they girls or boys”

Beck excitedly replied “I think they’re just kitty cats!”

We have a deep appreciation for animal characters, as they are often just that, animals rather than one gender or the other.

Children reading kitty kat wants stripes

Children reading

At the end of the story Beck said,

“It’s so silly that Kitty Kat thought she needed stripes” “Good friends like you because you’re kind and funny, they don’t care what you look like”

Being Different is What Makes us Special

“Kitty Kat Wants Stripes” is an uplifting, refreshing tale with a great lesson for everyone. It gave my non binary child the opportunity to reiterate for them self that being different doesn’t make you any less likeable. At the same time, this is a fantastic reminder going into the new school year, meeting new friends and keeping in mind the author’s message “We all look different on the outside. What’s important is what’s on the inside. That is our gift. It’s what makes us special”


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