Woohoo! It’s my birthday 🎉 And my journey has just begun!

As Bo likes to ask “what number are you?” Well, today I am the number 41 😊

I have absolutely no qualms about my age or getting older. In fact, just last night I was ID’d at a casino in Mississippi!

“I thought you were a kid coming to the show” said the Beau Rivage Resort & Casino guard 😂

It was the backwards hat I’m sure.

Oh ya and by the way, the universe knew we were meant to be together after all. So I spent my birthday weekend with K! But before I talk about that, I wanna back up a bit and look at the year I had…

So here I was the day I turned 40.

My grandma & I

I was still trying so hard to be a lesbian, although I’ve never chosen to use that particular label. By this point though I knew in my own mind that I was in fact trans. I had already come out to my bigs by this point, but still didn’t honestly have a clue what that entailed or what my journey would look like. Here I am one year later and I am publicly out as a trans guy who also identifies as non binary.

I’ve come a long way in a year but my journey is far from over. I’m still wrestling with whether or not I want or more importantly, need, to medically transition. Some of the options I am grappling with are; going on hormone blockers, taking testosterone, having a hysterectomy, getting top surgery. These are major life altering decisions and for myself personally, I have pros and cons for each one. I trust that in time I will know which options are best for me. Until then I’m fairly content most days to exist as much to the masculine end of the spectrum as I possibly can with what I have.

Now, a little update on K & I

K is moving soon to a city near the British Columbia border. So it would seem that the universe has our backs and is bringing us much closer together, making our relationship a possibility that we had nearly given up on ☺️

Stay tuned as we take a road trip across the US, from the southeast to the northwest!


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  1. Tip of the hat to you brother *. May the next chapter be filled with all of the brilliant color and spontaneous adventure the universe has to offer.

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