Sending my Nonbinary Kid to School

So, we’ve moved to a small conservative town in Northern Alberta and I’ve decided that I am going to send my awkward, reserved, nonbinary kid to public school 😬

But here’s the thing. This small town conservative school has already shown how amazing they are.

Recently, I met with a couple of staff members at the school to discuss Beckett’s needs as a non binary trans kid. They were incredibly open minded and genuinely eager to learn about Beck and all things transgender related.

Some of the questions/concerns that came up were:

  1. When the class goes to the swimming pool, which change room will Beckett use? We will let Beckett make this decision at the time, knowing that it may even change from one time to the next.
  2. Because they are going into French immersion, what is the French alternative for they/them pronouns? Does anyone know the answer to this??
  3. How do we best address the question of are they a boy or a girl? Because we know that Beck’s peers are going to insist on knowing. Still trying to figure this one out. Any advice/tips would be greatly appreciated.

Having a non binary kid and trying to navigate the world isn’t an easy task. Beckett’s teachers will now have to be proactive about not addressing the class as boys and girls. Their classmates are going to learn that not everyone is male or female. Most importantly, Beckett is going to have to learn how to be an advocate for themselves without always having the direct back up of their parent or older siblings.

In September, Beckett will be starting kindergarten! And they are actually excited, as long as they don’t have to make friends 🙄 They are such the opposite to their social butterfly siblings.

*This is all new territory for us, so if you’ve previously navigated any of these situations, please share any advice or tips in the comment section.*


One thought on “Preparing Public School for Beckett

  1. I also have a non-binary kid and we have had to answer questions and have conversations I NEVER expected to have as a parent.

    1. Jack uses the family changing room at camp to change for swimming. Everybody is happy with this option. We’ll deal with changes to this policy as they come.
    2. Since I don’t speak French, can’t answer this. We go to a Spanish immersion school and have the same problem in that the Romance languages are inherently binary. So far we like using the male pronouns but are ok with the female pronouns if someone uses them.
    3. I have had Jack’s classmates ask me this a few times and I tell them they have to ask Jack. So far the other kids are really unaware of the difference and accept him as a boy. I’m sure this one will change with time as well!

    Again, I never imagined having to answer any of these things as a parent. We mostly let him lead the way and tell us what he wants and support that. So far we haven’t really had any problems. I’m sure that will change too!

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