Happy Birthday Bo!!

I don't even know where to begin with the baby of our bunch. I think I'll start by sharing how he wanted to spend his special day. A few weeks ago we began asking "hey Bowie, what do you want to do for your birthday?" And these were his responses... "Cuppy (his nickname for his … Continue reading Happy Birthday Bo!!

Growing Wings and Planting Roots

New life is happening right in my own backyard. I'm choosing to see this as a sign, as a metaphor of the new life that I came here to start... #newbeginnings #newlife #nature #robinsnest #robinseggs #nofilter Finding My WingsThis was a post I made from one year ago and at the time I had hardly … Continue reading Growing Wings and Planting Roots

We Must Follow Our Paths

I haven't written an LDR post in a while and as it happens, this will be my last. Recently, K and I made the difficult decision to let each other go. Our life paths are taking us in separate directions at this time. In spite of this, I do believe that long distance relationships can … Continue reading We Must Follow Our Paths