How This Misshapen Human Came to Be

A Series on Sexual Abuse and how it shaped my path to self acceptance. Trigger Warning This post and the pages that it links to contains information about sexual assault and child sexual abuse which may be triggering to some survivors. - - - I'm not sure I'm ready to put this part of my … Continue reading How This Misshapen Human Came to Be

Ye of little faith..

Faith UnravelingFor 12 years I was a practicing evangelical Christian. But in the spring of 2015 my faith began unraveling, until all that was left was a mess of loose ends, like the tattered remains of a frayed ribbon. Who Am I Praying To?I oftentimes find myself shooting out random prayers still, mostly in my … Continue reading Ye of little faith..

There’s No Place Like Home

I No Longer Have a HomeA few months ago I wrote a post titled "When you know you can't go home". Sitting here on a lumpy bed in a cheap hotel room, I read those words again tonight. I was hit with the hard reality that I no longer have a home. This may be … Continue reading There’s No Place Like Home

Gender Discovery is a Treacherous Journey

How on earth could I ever reconcile being a mother and being a man? Talk about a mountain of a problem that could never be conquered. Or so I thought...