Even before you were born I knew you were always going to be a challenge. You were stubborn from the very beginning.

Although you slept through the night from day one, you kept me on my toes every moment you were awake. Never content to stay in one place and always pushing to find your next adventure.

You’ve raised me as much as I’ve raised you. Expected me to be more than just better than the rest. Dared me to love myself and forced me to see life as something I must own and pursue.

Your passion for knowledge, wisdom and personal growth astounds me. Your desire to change the world and your faith in humanity are what I admire most about you.

Your siblings and I are so incredibly privileged to have you in our lives. To say that I am proud to be your parent would be an immense understatement.

My birthday wish for you is that you never let this world dull your spark.

Happy Birthday Mak!! I love you and will always treasure you, not only as my child, but more importantly as one of my best friends ❤️


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