There’s this book that I’ve been mulling through for nearly a year now. The Right to Write by Julia Cameron. I pick it up every so often to read a chapter and complete its writing task. Last night I read about writing from joy as opposed to pain and was prompted to make a list of…

50 things that make me happy.

  1. Early morning solitude
  2. Coffee
  3. Hanging with my bigs
  4. Watching my littles make new discoveries
  5. Books
  6. Road Trips
  7. Music
  8. Watching Chase Ross videos
  9. Cozy spaces
  10. Bubble baths
  11. Feeling the sun on my face
  12. The sound of rain
  13. People laughing
  14. Hugs
  15. Cuddling with K
  16. The water – oceans, lakes, rivers, waterfalls. I love it all
  17. Airport reunions
  18. FaceTime
  19. Writing
  20. Browsing Pinterest
  21. Making connections with people
  22. Puppies
  23. Veggie sushi
  24. Chipotle
  25. Cooking for the people I love
  26. Sex
  27. Hearing my correct pronouns
  28. Playing games with my bigs that I’m begrudgingly talked into
  29. Witnessing the bond between all my kids
  30. Helping others
  31. Libraries
  32. Bookstores
  33. Coffee shops
  34. Sitting by a campfire
  35. Sunrises
  36. Sunsets
  37. Changing seasons
  38. Having my gender validated
  39. A clean car
  40. A clean house
  41. LGBT youth being authentic and happy
  42. Tea
  43. Front porches
  44. Cold beer
  45. Crossword puzzles
  46. TV with Mak
  47. People watching
  48. Learning – in any and all capacities
  49. Dancing when no one is watching
  50. Blogging50 things that make me happy

My list is a combination of simplicity and depth which I would say sums me up quite well. The first half spilled out fairly effortlessly but it became increasingly more difficult to come up with ideas. Yet once I reached 50 I could’ve kept going.

I encourage you to make your own list. It’s insightful, revealing and quite therapeutic to devote some time reflecting on the stuff which makes you happy.


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