What if tomorrow I woke up as a boy…

What if tomorrow I woke up as a boy? Would all my dreams come true? Would life suddenly and for the first time make sense? Or would I feel just as lost, confused, alone as I've always felt being told that I'm a girl? For the last few weeks I've been pondering these questions. I … Continue reading What if tomorrow I woke up as a boy…

50 Things That Make Me Happy

There's this book that I've been mulling through for nearly a year now. The Right to Write by Julia Cameron. I pick it up every so often to read a chapter and complete its writing task. Last night I read about writing from joy as opposed to pain and was prompted to make a list … Continue reading 50 Things That Make Me Happy

LDR Firsts

Over the last few weeks, K and I shared some LDR firsts. Our first time flying together ☺️ Heading to Canada πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ The first time K met my littles Our first Valentines Day, which began with our first hotel stay together 😏😁 This past week, we've endured another first. Our first fight 😀😒 I read … Continue reading LDR Firsts

Happy Birthday Mak

Even before you were born I knew you were always going to be a challenge. You were stubborn from the very beginning. Although you slept through the night from day one, you kept me on my toes every moment you were awake. Never content to stay in one place and always pushing to find your … Continue reading Happy Birthday Mak