I haven’t shared much about Beckett recently, I think it’s time.

Last month Beck turned 5 and life is getting slightly more difficult for them to navigate. They are feeling more pressure to conform with peers and even adults who just don’t understand.

For a trans kid, Beckett’s life is kind of beautiful. They are growing up in a home with a trans parent and multiple gender nonconforming siblings. And they homeschool. Unfortunately, they still have to exist in transphobic spaces and this is creating inner turmoil no one should have to grapple with, especially a 5 year old.

Beckett is incredibly gender fluid, gender creative and all around non-conforming. They identify themselves as being in the middle.

Over the past few months, we have been focusing as a family on destroying gender roles and stereotypes. We no longer label anything male or female, girl or boy. Thriving as a nonbinary person within our home is effortless. Our world is not as simple. Navigating restrooms has become an internal battle for Beckett. They shouldn’t even be worrying about such things, they are 5, still at an age that I insist they accompany their parent to whichever restroom they choose. But Beck knows that public washrooms are gendered, hence the inner turmoil. On the playground children innocently want to know if Beck is a boy or a girl, neither answer feels right to them. My wish for Beckett and all other trans kids is that soon our society will shift its ideals on gender and the stereotypes we so firmly clutch.

There is a lot of hype these days about transitioning. Stories are being publicized and this is fantastic but it’s much more complex than many of these stories convey. If the gender you were assigned at birth doesn’t match who you are then just transition to the opposite. These are the typical transgender narratives we read about, watch on television and witness all over social media. But this only takes in to account a certain percentage of transgender people. I choose to share mine and Beckett’s journeys to bring light to the nonbinary, gender non conforming and genderfluid parts of the spectrum.

I hope one day to enjoy a world where the binary is non existent but until then I will continue to bring education and awareness because I believe that is the key to love and acceptance.

Education and Awareness lead to Love and Acceptance


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