“Passing” – The Epic Trans Struggle

To Pass as a Cis ManSo here's the thing, I've said it before and I'll say it again. I have zero desire to be seen as a cis man. But damn if that's not hard some days. I mean super effen exhausting and dysphoria inducing. Because I don't have the need to pass as a … Continue reading “Passing” – The Epic Trans Struggle

There’s Always a Countdown

The countdown is on. Finally back to single digits! Only 6 more days until I return to Alabama. This time next week I'll be in K's arms!! They say not to spend your time waiting for the next visit. Makes complete sense. In theory. In reality, I discovered how incredibly difficult that is. The last … Continue reading There’s Always a Countdown

Wordless Wednesday


Someone Else’s Dream

I Don't Want to Lose Myself in Someone Else's DreamA friend sent me this song the other day and a couple of lines resonated with me, especially when it comes to my gender and medically transitioning. https://youtu.be/UVb8OJEQGIQ I don't wanna spend my life Trying to fight for what's not mine I don't wanna lose myself … Continue reading Someone Else’s Dream

It’s Time to Destroy the Binary

Gender ValidationI started a new job this week and I'm loving it. Just getting out of the house and making my own money feels amazing. But even better than that, my direct supervisor is a transman! The company I'm working for takes great pride in supporting LGBTQ people. Every person I met this week has … Continue reading It’s Time to Destroy the Binary