Our house is a zoo right now and if I’m being totally honest it always has wild animal habitat type tendencies. But we have almost reached that moment where you start counting the hours until Christmas.

The holiday season is crazy for most families I’m going to assume but when you have a house full of routine driven OCD, ADHD and Tourette’s inflicted humans the hysteria is 10 fold.

Now add on top of that a child who is struggling with gender identity issues. First off let me say that Beckett isn’t struggling with who they are or how they identify, this kid knows themself. What Beckett is overwhelmed with right now is the stress of presenting in an acceptable manner in front of family who don’t want to admit who Beckett is. At 5 years old they are already learning how to navigate a cisgender & heteronormative society. They are trying to brace themselves for the refutation of others using their old name. They are building up their armour in preparation for hearing words meant to describe them which don’t validate their gender.

Unfortunately, Beck having this extra anxiety, they act out, they regress, they lash out at the family who loves and accepts them unconditionally, their safe people.

I am so grateful that Beckett’s home is a sanctuary. It’s their safe haven from the sometimes cruel, but often just misinformed world.

My heart breaks for transgender youth who are suffering during this holiday season. Especially the ones who don’t have a place where they can retreat to when people get to be too much.

Feel free to reach out and I’ll be happy to connect with you over the next week. Even if you aren’t a youth, or transgender, if you simply have no place to go home to this Christmas. I know I’m only an online presence, but I’m a safe, loving, accepting friend nonetheless.

Happy Holidays from Me, Beckett and the rest of our queerly bunch 😊🎄


One thought on “The Holidays Can Be Hard

  1. It’s so sad and ridiculous that some families don’t accept their loved ones because of who they love. They are the same person they were before you found out about their sexuality. My heart also goes out to all my fellow LGBT+ peeps who can’t go home for the holidays do to closed minded assholes.

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