Last month I boarded a plane for the first time in my adult life and flew 3000+ km to spend two blissful weeks with K.

I met some of her nearest and dearest friends and family, tried sweet potato casserole for the very first time, watched the sunset on the beach and enjoyed many evenings on the couch watching tv – like normal couples do 😊

Unfortunately my trip had to end. Life back home needed me. I missed my kids and I was as thrilled to see them as they were me. But that first week back was heart wrenching. I truly wasn’t sure how I was going to survive another 9 weeks away from K. By the second week I was slowly feeling a bit more level headed, not quite the emotional disaster I was a few days earlier.

Until last weekend. Two of her close friends got married and she officiated. I wasn’t there. This is when LDR’s suck! No matter how great our visit was just 2 weeks earlier, it became a distant memory in light of the fact that I was now missing out on getting to see K marry her friends. I wasn’t able to celebrate with them.

Tonight I am struggling once again as she spends time with her family, sharing an awesome experience with them that I will never get to share with her.

And then there’s the holidays. Our first Christmas and New Years as a couple, but not together.

So excuse me while I wallow for just a minute, because some days the distance is almost too much.


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