After publishing my Gender Update post I received a comment on my Instagram account stating “there is only two genders”.

My immediate response was anger and defensiveness. But then I realized this is a great opportunity for me to research how to provide an educated answer to this person’s comment. So I went to YouTube and found this great video by gender therapist Dara Hoffman-Fox:

So, step one, determine where this comment is coming from and what type of response is most suitable.

I questioned the commenter and have yet to hear back. If I were to assume, I’d say this particular person doesn’t want to be educated on this subject. But I believe that there are many others who are interested in knowing more.

I am not a scientific minded person, but I do know that saying there are only 2 genders is incorrect simply because it discounts those who are born intersex.

What I am knowledgeable in is myself and my children.

Although I am still learning and figuring out my own gender, I do know with absolute certainty that I am not simply one of two genders. I know that I am masculine of centre but I am not 100% male. I am most definitely not female.

I also know that Beckett is neither male nor female. By age 3 they knew this about themselves, and they were able to start verbalizing this to us. Although I’m starting to have a new appreciation for science, biology in particular, I don’t need science to explain to me who I am and who Beckett is.

Below are some links providing more information regarding this topic:


2 thoughts on “Response to Social Media Comment – “there is only two genders”

  1. Thanks for the links! Dara Hoffman Fox is super helpful. I just put her book (You and Your Gender Identity) on hold at my library and am really looking forward to reading it.

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