July 15, 2017 is one of those days that will forever be etched in my memory. When I hear that date, her picture takes centre stage in my mind. I’m certain that I’ll forever remember what her face looked like that day, although I won’t touch it for the first time until 40 days later.

When we decided to start dating, knowing that we would be doing so 3890km (2417 miles) apart, another date became pivotal for me.

I started scouring Pinterest for everything that I could read about long distance relationships. Are they real? Do sane people actually do this? What are the statistics? The one that stood out to me the most was this.

Four and a half months. If we could survive four and a half months then we were going to make it right?

Well, we did it! The day after I got home from my first trip to Alabama, was that pivotal moment. That 4.5 month mark. Our guarantee that this was going to work. This was an exciting milestone that we had reached but unfortunately it was clouded over by the grief of just having left K, knowing it would be another 6 weeks until I saw her again.

Now 4 weeks have passed and so much has happened. Plans have been made and changed numerous times. My countdown app should be telling me that in 14 days I will be boarding a plane again but instead I still have 5 more weeks of waiting. Always counting days, a mix of joyful anticipation and impatient exasperation.

This month has been full of decisions, changes and realizations. But in all the ups, downs and uncertainties, one thing remains true. The heart wants what the heart wants. And this heart of mine wants that weird, yet perfectly suited for me, girl who lives in Alabama.

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