Although the festive music has been playing since the beginning of November, Christmas celebrations will officially be in full swing around here tomorrow. But first we have 3 big pre Christmas birthdays.

Madelyn turning 6 on November 28th. I was on a plane all day, so her amazing older siblings made her day incredibly special, starting with rainbow pancakes!! We love rainbows around here 🏳️‍🌈

Then Beckett turned 5 on December 9th. We had an early party for them which had to include chocolate waffles!! I don’t know a kid who loves chocolate as much as Beck ☺️

And today we celebrate Madison!

You were only 13 when I met you, just a baby, so full of life and love for your friends, but the shyest kid I’d ever encountered. Oh how things have changed in 5 years 😂 I am grateful for the role I’ve had in shaping the person you are becoming and for all that you bring to our family. Happy 18th birthday kid!! I love you ❤️

And now let’s put up the tree and let the Christmas season officially begin 🌲

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