I haven’t written in so long. I haven’t been able to focus on writing. Life has been full of ups, downs and a lot of just coasting through days.

This space is supposed to be my safe spot, where I can come and vent or celebrate, but a couple of months ago I was reminded that it’s a completely public space and suddenly my writing sanctuary became a scary place.

I started censoring what I wanted and needed to say, which led to overly critiquing every little thought I had. I became paralyzed in my writing.

I set up this space for myself to be authentic, I’m tired of pretending, I want to share my struggles and my triumphs with others genuinely.

I had to take a step back into the shadows to take care of myself for a bit. I needed to do some healing work before I was ready to stretch myself more, before I was able to expose myself once again.

I’m back now and feeling secure enough to get real!

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