Yesterday was her birthday but I couldn’t write about it here until it was over. Being 3890km(2417 miles) away from the person you love on their birthday is really friggen hard!

It’s been 4 weeks since she was in my arms and may very well be another 6 before our next airport reunion.

So thankful for modern technology, texting, social media and most of all FaceTime! But would I rather have woke up next to her and whispered “Happy Birthday” against her cheek as she was waking instead of a grand-ish gesture on Facebook?? Damn rights I would’ve. But that’s not our life right now.

So instead I wished her happy birthday the only way I could, through text messages, social media and FaceTime. I mailed her a hand written letter and a present which she didn’t receive in time 😩I sure do love our state of the art postal system 🙄 Anyway, choosing to look on the bright side, I know whenever it arrives she will receive it with great joy and most likely a couple of tears.

Our life is made up of a lot of moments where there are miles between us but not our hearts. We will cherish every second we get to spend together, knowing that they may be few and far between. Looking forward to the future when we will never have to spend another birthday apart ❤ī¸


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