This week it’s back to school time in our city. Madelyn & Beckett were registered to begin Grade 1 and Kindergarten. Although I had originally planned to homeschool them like I did the big kids, I was excited for them to venture out and give school a try.

As the day drew closer I began to second guess my decision. First of all, I love homeschooling!! My philosophies on learning don’t line up well with our school system. But more importantly, how could I possibly send Beckett off to school yet? I am not that mom who shelters her kids, the furthest thing from a helicopter parent for sure, but I was not prepared to send my non-binary child to the wolves just yet.

Beckett is still navigating their way through understanding their gender identity, so I decided it’s best to give them a little more time in a safe inclusive environment to do so.

I had someone question this decision in a social media group the other day. This person said they believe that as trans people it’s important for us to be out in the world and visible so that others come to know and accept us. I wholeheartedly agree with this statement 100%. If it’s safe for you to be out and in the world, I believe this is the best way to bring awareness to others, but I don’t believe that public school is the place for my 4 year old to safely do so at this time. We are out in our community on a regular basis and have an online presence where we are sharing our experiences in hopes that the more people who “know” a transperson the more understanding and accepting the world will become.

I love homeschooling for so many reasons but this year I am most grateful to have the option to keep Beckett safe while also making deliberate choices of when, where and how we are out in our community bringing awareness and also giving them the opportunities to learn how to navigate our world.


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