We have been “doing school” for a few weeks already. Madelyn has begun reading, writing and learning basic math skills in a untraditional relaxing way, but is so far very much on par for her grade level.

Because we take a more unschooled approach to learning, our days can vary a lot. Most mornings start off with big sister reading to the littles. Right now they are reading Mary Poppins together. While listening to read alouds, the littles can draw, colour, do puzzles, almost anything as long as it doesn’t distract one another or hinder their listening abilities.

Here Madelyn is doing a puzzle while listening to Mak & Beckett discuss famous artists. This lead into talks about Leonardo DaVinci, engineering, The Last Supper and other religious topics, the “discovery” of America which led to a discussion about Leif Erickson, what a stroke is, where DaVinci lived and died, they finally ended with some questions about anatomy. This is one way unschooling happens in our house. We end up on a lot of different tangents depending on the day.

We keep things like reading, writing and math somewhat more structured but in a non curriculum, untraditional way.

We love open ended interest based learning. I am convinced that children learn and retain information better if it’s intriguing and applicable to their lives.

As we enter year 10 of homeschooling, here we go again from the very beginning 😊


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