September 14, 1997 at 12:26pm you came into this world, quickly, quietly and wide eyed with wonder.

For 20 years now I’ve been watching you grow, tackling life at first with such cautious trepidation.

Your first 4 years you were calmly, quietly soaking up your surroundings. And then all of a sudden you were ready to take on this world. You came at everything full force but still with a tentative recklessness.

You were an adult by the age of 8, already a businessman with an entrepreneurial spirit like none other. You were full of dreams but also fierce determination.

You have done more in the last few years than many people have in their lives. The fearless way you dive into your goals head on both terrifies and amazes me. I couldn’t be prouder to be your mama. Happy birthday my boy. You are and always will be my sunshine 💙

Love your Mama

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