After 6 amazing days of hanging out, seeing sights and getting to know each other, she’s gone.

Standing in the airport, after saying the most heart wrenching goodbye, and all I could think was how my feelings about this place changed so quickly. Last week I stood one floor lower anticipating our first hug as she came running at me and nearly knocked me flat on my butt. The best way I could describe that very first embrace is familiarity. This was not a hug between two strangers. And less than a week later, as I’m leaving her at the airport, all I can think is that I now detest this place.

Now we are back in the grind of our separate daily lives, after a rollercoaster of highs and lows over the past week and a half. Trying to map out a possible future together despite the many hurdles of a cross border relationship, with children and responsibilities that won’t stop tugging on us.

Irregardless of the obstacles, we have a plan, and will for now look forward to our next visit.

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