Woe is me…LDR calamity

Yesterday was her birthday but I couldn't write about it here until it was over. Being 3890km(2417 miles) away from the person you love on their birthday is really friggen hard! It's been 4 weeks since she was in my arms and may very well be another 6 before our next airport reunion. So thankful … Continue reading Woe is me…LDR calamity

The ins and outs of my proverbial closet!

After coming out, I tried to pray the gay away. Fifteen years later I’m finally living out and proud.

A typical “school” day

We have been "doing school" for a few weeks already. Madelyn has begun reading, writing and learning basic math skills in an untraditional relaxing way, but is so far very much on par for her grade level. Because we take a more unschooled approach to learning, our days can vary a lot. Most mornings start … Continue reading A typical “school” day

My Complicated Relationship with Gender Dysphoria

"My body wasn't what was wrong, but the expectations of the world around me were". It's amazing how a few words can resonate so strongly at times. What is Gender Dysphoria?I've been doing a lot of research lately about the different types of dysphoria associated with gender identity. Let me preface this post by saying … Continue reading My Complicated Relationship with Gender Dysphoria

The Statistics are Heart Wrenching

It's World Suicide Prevention Day and of course my mind starts to think about LGBT youth because that's where my heart is. The suicide statistics among youth are frightening as it is, but for LGBT youth they are terrifying. This screenshot was taken from The Trevor Project. http://www.thetrevorproject.org/pages/facts-about-suicide Big hugs to all LGBT youth ❤️