This is my city. Looks pretty enough. There’s nothing wrong with it per se. It’s just that it’s a city and I’m more of a small town kinda dude. I moved to the city a little over 8 months ago, strangely enough, I did so to escape small town life, small town minds. But here I am closing in on a year of urban living and damn if I don’t miss small town life. Unfortunately that life comes with those aforementioned small minds. And I have changed a lot this past year so I don’t think I fit the image anymore that those particular minds appreciate. I’m gay, okay so no big deal really. After all, this is 2017 and plenty of gay people now live in smaller centres. BUT they usually aren’t rocking the boat and waving their rainbow tattoo around at the corner store. They’re those gay people. You know, the ones who can go to work, go for groceries, take their kids to hockey practice and no one can see that they’re gay as long as they aren’t kissing their spouse right out there in the open, everyone gets along just fine.

Well…I’m not that gay person. I’m the gay person who has the rainbow tattoo, the short hair, the androgynous style that makes people take a second look because they just can’t quite decide with the first quick glance what exactly I am. And I love this! Plus if I’m out with my girlfriend you better believe I’m gonna be holding her hand, I’m even gonna kiss her right in front of your children *gasp* I know, it’s just the kind of horrendous queer I am!

So, this puts me in a bit of a conundrum. I don’t love city living. Small communities won’t appreciate me. Which leaves me questioning, where should this gypsy soul of mine wander to next?


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