There’s a pounding in my chest that hasn’t gone away for 39 days. That’s the day I knew that things were never going to be the same. You know those moments where you can say before such and such, and after. There is a distinction between life prior to and life following certain moments. That Saturday in July was one of those significant points in my life.

Backing up a few months, I’m in this social media group and I’m making all these amazing friendships with women around the world. But there’s no one close to home. No connections happening in my city or province. Not even in my country! Irregardless, I’m adamant about the fact that I will not under any circumstances get involved in a long distance relationship. I’m witnessing them online and although some of the women in this group are making it work, it was not for me. Ha! The universe laughs at me while I make plans for my neat and tidy little life. We are already online friends, there’s something there. It’s undeniable, but I’m not considering it. I refuse to even ponder the possibility. But then before I fully realized that it was happening, it was most definitely happening.

So here I am 39 days later, laying in bed at 2:00 am, completely unable to sleep because she is in an airport 3926km away waiting to board a plane that will land in Edmonton in 9 hours and 3 minutes!! I am flip flopping between emotions of intense excitement and sheer panic.

To be continued…


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