This beautiful, brilliant child of mine is so incredibly wise and brave. At four years old they have a very clear understanding of their gender. They identify in the middle of the spectrum. They are one of the lucky ones who is growing up in a home full of people who love and not only accept them but celebrate who they are in every aspect. But still they whispered these heart wrenching words today “it gets kind of lonely being in the middle” 😢 My heart hurts for my child but I know they are going to be okay because of the love and support they have. I can’t even fathom how much harder it is for the kids/teens/young adults who don’t have the love and support that my baby will always have.

I want to document Beckett’s journey so that other trans kids and other parents know that they are not alone. They have given me permission to share their story and although they are only 4, they get that choice. I am choosing to trust that when they are older, they will not regret having had their life shared here. I believe that by educating others and by people getting to know Beckett and our family, the harmful and often dangerous myths surrounding trans people will be nullified.


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