An excerpt from “The Right to Write” by Julia Cameron

For the past year I have been going through these griefs. I’ve been “functioning” sorta. People think I’ve been ok-ish. But now it’s time for me to find my place to grieve and muddle forward into some capacity of blissful authentic living. And for me that place is writing. So, here is where I write.

Ive been on a path of self discovery lately, no, always. That path has taken some wild twists and turns but each one I thought was leading me to find myself. My happiness, my contentment, my peace. Every time I’d come to what I felt could be called nothing but a dead end, was simply the end of one road and the beginning of the next stretch. So I keep moving forward, too slowly most days but it’s all I can handle. I’ve come to accept that right now standing still, being an anchor for the ones who call me mama has to be enough.


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